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$320 tuition includes:

  • Full-day on-stream fishing lesson
  • Professionally produced educational videos for pre-class AND post-class study
  • On-water casting lesson
  • Free loan of all equipment

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Licensed NH Fly Fishing Guide

Professional fly fishing guide


Northeast Fly Fishing School®

Lately, we have been getting a lot of clients who went to a "Brand Name Fly Fishing School" for a weekend and became frustrated when they came back with a lot of expensive equipment, but experienced problems when they attempt to fish on their own. There's no substitute for time on the water, so we include instructional on a stream in every school. Developing a good understanding of strategies and techniques that will be effective in catching fish is one of the basic fundamentals of fly fishing in New England.  New Hampshire Rivers Guide Service offers the best fly fishing instruction available in Greater Boston, Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire at the Northeast Fly Fishing School.

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The LL Bean® Discovery  Learn to Fly Fish School, the Orvis® fly fishing school and other weekend learn to fly fish instruction programs are very well known, but are not for everybody.  Let us tell you about our approach.

We want to pass along our many years of experience and love of fly fishing

We don't endorse specific fly fishing equipment. We provide unbiased information about how to select fly rods, reels, line, waders and other fly fishing gear.  We don't spend a lot of time talking about brands and models, but provide practical, useful information. Our experience tells us that casting is only one part of fly fishing lessons. In Northeast Fly Fishing School you will not only learn how to fly cast, but where and when to cast.  In our fly fishing lessons you will learn how to identify what trout eat, how to select flies that match trout food and how to present the fly in a natural way on a trout stream, not just a casting pond. We teach you how to "read the water" and learn where trout hold in a stream, how to approach them and how to cast to where they will eat your fly.

LL Bean and Orvis make great fly fishing gear. Other vendors do too, and often the best gear for you is not the most expensive. There is no need to buy any special equipment before you attend our fly fishing school. We provide FREE LOAN of all gear, including rods, reels, flies, waders and boots.  All of our fly fishing lessons include time on the water. We teach you fly fishing on a local trout stream.  You will learn by seeing and doing. You will get personal outdoors fly fishing instruction and not be in a large class.  We give you personal attention that quickly lets you be effective. Our students enjoy a low ratio of instructors per student. Don't be "short-changed" by schools that are only a few hours.  You receive access to professionally produced instructional videos prior to AND after your class AND a full-day on-the-river fishing instruction. We even include free loan of waders and fly rods for the full-day on-the-stream fly fishing lesson! We make you feel comfortable and won't waste your time.

The Beginner Class is also for those self-taught Intermediate-level fly anglers that want to improve their casting; learn more about insects and choosing the right fly to match; and improve their presentation and fish-catching success.

To register or request more information, Email or call Dave at 603-554-0067

Class dates 2023 - Beginners   $320

April 29        Henniker, NH
May 13         Hillsborough, NH

May 20         Henniker, NH

June 3          Henniker, NH 
June 10        Henniker, NH

June 24        Lincoln, NH

July 8           Lincoln, NH

Sep 9            Sewalls Falls , NH

Sep 23          Sewalls Falls, NH
Private lessons may be scheduled as available,

fly fishing school registration  or call Dave 603-554-0067

We accept personal check, cash or Venmo - no credit cards.

Beautiful location!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the finest Inn in New England, the Hancock Inn, Hancock, NH.

Our Hillsborough, NH classes are held on the Contoocook River, which is only a few miles from the Hancock Inn.

For lodging and other information contact the Hancock Inn.





Our class at the Hancock Inn was the subject of a feature article in NH Magazine. The photos on this page were taken by the author, Sarah Kenney. The complete article with additional pictures is found at her blog:

Thyme Learn to Fly Fish at Hancock Inn


We are pleased to offer Northeast Fly Fishing School classes in conjunction with one of the best fly shops in New England:

Stone River Outfitters in Amherst, NH


View videos of previous classes on YouTube.


Come spend the weekend learning to fly fish in the White Mountains of Lincoln, NH.

  • For the class in the White Mountains, book a room at The Mountain Club on Loon select "Book Now" from their homepage and enter the code FLYR.
  • If you would like to add a camping trip to your fishing trip, but need camping equipment, contact Effortless Adventures in Plymouth, NH. They can provide all of the camping equipment you need for a stay in the White Mountains.

Check out the other New England fly fishing schools (LL Bean Discovery Fly Fishing School and Orvis Fly Fishing School). Go to their website. Check their prices.  You will spend less money and learn more at the Northeast Fly Fishing School.

The Northeast Fly Fishing School instructors are professional fishing guides, licensed by the State of New Hampshire, members of the NH Professional Guides Association and insured.  We do not profit from the sale of any fly fishing gear, so we can give totally unbiased advice. And, we educate many dozens of fly anglers every season in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

The UNIQUE benefits of the Northeast Fly Fishing School

  • We provide professionally produced videos for pre and post-class learning- Don't settle for less!
  • We provide full-day instruction on a local trout stream - Don't settle for less!
  • We provide high quality loaner rods, waders and boots at no charge - Don't settle for less!
  • Our instructors are licensed and insured fishing guides - Don't settle for less!
  • Our instructors are unbiased and don't profit from sale of gear - Don't settle for less!
  • We have a defined curriculum with professional hand-outs - Don't settle for less!

When deciding on a fly fishing school, ask if they provide all of the above.  If not . . . don't settle for less!

Give us a call or email to register for the next Northeast Fly Fishing School class or to schedule your personal Learn to Fly Fish Lesson in New England - Massachusetts or New Hampshire.

At the Northeast Fly Fishing School you will learn more about fly fishing and have more fun than you ever thought possible.

"Think like a fish and act like a bug!"



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