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Student Feedback

We often hear back from our students after taking the class, in addition to the class evaluation that helps us improve the content and format of the Northeast Fly Fishing School. Here are a few emails we received:

  • I am a complete beginner - never having fished before and I found the instruction excellent, well-paced, understandable and incredibly informative.  Thank you so much! - Mary
  • Great class! Gave a good sense of the complexity of the sport, but keeping it simple enoough so as to not feel overwhelming. Great introduction, so we can start the process of getting better.
  • Had a great experience - Would recommend to all interested!
  • Great instruction & lots of fun - Thank you!
  • I just had to drop you a note and tell you how pleased I was with the recent 2-day school I attended. I don't remember when I have had as much fun and been educated at the same time. You guys have accelerated my pace and forced me ahead. Don't ever change a thing about the school, you have it down pat. The school was fun, challenging, exciting and most of all gave me the confidence I needed to enjoy the sport of fly fishing.
  • The fly fishing industry is blessed to have people like yourselves who are willing to share your passion for the sport as well as your sincere concerns for stream conservation. I could not have asked for a more enlightening and rewarding beginning in fly fishing. The volume and wealth of information I gained over the weekend is immeasurable, and I look forward to spending additional time with you on the river in the future in hope of absorbing even more.  Thank you  -Paul
  • In trying to find a nice Birthday present for Sonny, I came across the Northeast Fly Fishing School. Gerry taught me how to cast on the first day, Jim took care of some knot tying basics and administrative duties. They literally took us by the hand and showed us how to safely fly fish on the river. We caught our first Rainbows and we're ready to go out to get some more. Taking this School is a must for anyone that is even remotely interested in fly fishing. - Mary
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